Acclaimed soul artist CeeLo Green is set to release his new album “CeeLo Green is... Thomas Callaway” - available on June 26th worldwide through BMG. The album is available for pre-order now.

CeeLo Green has teamed up with producer Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys to record this album that he himself has described like if Al Green did a country album”[i] with a Nashville vibe. It is definitely a different sound from anything that CeeLo has released in the past and he also approached the recording process differently from anything that he’s done before.

The title of the album refers to CeeLo’s birth name and the album came about when Auerbach contacted CeeLo and expressed an interest to work with him.

“(Dan and I) were friends and had some history, and I jumped at the opportunity. It was an honor and a compliment,” Green said. “We were messing around in the studio and I didn’t know that he was secretly recording and compiling material for me. The whole process was a first (for me), to sit and write with an acoustic guitar and organ and with seasoned musicians from Nashville and Muscle Shoals, all of these wonderful elder statesmen. It was a really enlightening experience,[ii] said CeeLo Green.

“CeeLo Green is... Thomas Callaway” will be available on June 26th and will feature the singles “Lead Me”, “Doing It All Together” and “People Watching” along with 9 other tracks that are lyrically positive and exactly what the world needs right now.

Track Listing for “CeeLo Green is… Thomas Callaway”:

1. For You

2. Lead Me

3. Little Mama

4. Don’t Lie

5. I Wonder How Love…

6. People Watching

7. You Gotta Do It All

8. Doing It All Together

9. Slow Down

10. Down With The Sun

11. Thinking Out Loud

12. The Way

[i] https://www.ajc.com/blog/music/ceelo-green-talks-new-album-with-dan-auerbach-hear-new-single/9X9pdVFo4zGS3dH8uS3PpO/ [ii] https://www.ajc.com/blog/music/ceelo-green-talks-new-album-with-dan-auerbach-hear-new-single/9X9pdVFo4zGS3dH8uS3PpO/

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