OUR IDOL ARCHIVES PODCAST launches 9th October


Anthony Callea, Axle Whitehead, Natalie Gauci, Cosima De Vito, Damien Leith and more

Podcast available for download and streaming from 9th October, 2020

Mark Holden and daughter Katie have joined forces in a new podcast that goes behind the scenes of one of Australia’s most beloved and popular television shows of the new millennium. Our Idol Archives is a weekly podcast hosted by Australian Idol judge Mark Holden and Katie as they chat with a former Idol contestant; talking and reminiscing about their time on the show – behind the scene stories, memorable moments and where they are now. Some went to become ARIA nominated, successful recording artists. Others left singing behind and pursued different career paths. All admit that Idol shaped what they went on to do today.

Each episode also features new music from the special guest.

“I’m loving catching up with the Idols. Every single one of them has a story to tell and music to share. Being produced by my daughter Katie who is also my co-pilot on the podcast is a joy - we both love Idol. Love and touchdowns, Mark” - Mark Holden

In this first season, Mark and Katie catch up with 10 Idol alumni to relive the Idol days. Guests include Anthony Callea, Natalie Gauci, Damien Leith, Cosima De Vito and more. We hear stories about what happened during the grand final between Anthony Callea and Casey Donovan and the security breach that happened in the Opera House during the live broadcast. We learn about Natalie Gauci’s personal battles and revelations since she won the competition in 2007 and thoughts on The Voice v Idol.

Damien Leith talks about being tricked into barely seeing a cent from his first album after Idol, “a lot of people got online and said to me, “why didn’t you read the contract?”…it wasn’t in the contract that we got when we got into the top 10, it was in the waiver that you sign as you walk in to do your audition”

Carl Riseley confesses that Mark’s Touchdown still means a lot to him, even in his new career as a pilot, “Over the last 14 years I tell you what, I have tough day and I think, no Mark gave me that touchdown, I deserve to be here. Even in the plane!”

Tarisai Vushe from Season 5 of Idol comes clean about racism on the show, “I feel like Dicko was racist to me….I started recalling the Paulini days when she was wearing the dress and he really went out at her”.

We learn about the hate online that Ben McKenzie received as 16-year-old still coming to terms with his sexuality, “People were sending me letters on the internet telling me to kill myself at the age of 16. So that’s something legitimate that I’ve spent years wanting a platform to discuss”.

You’ve heard the infamous Axle Whitehead story from 2006 Arias but you haven’t heard what happened at the after party, “I’ve had a good run with hallucinogens so I knew how to handle myself and then the phone starts calling at eight in the morning and it was the publicist going “ah, you are in a lot of trouble, where are you?”

Courtney Murphy placed 3rd on Casey Donovan’s season of Idol which the media called “Fat Idol”. Dicko strategically brought up Courtney’s weight on the show in the beginning in order to crush it early on in the press.

Cosima De Vito famously left the show early due to nodules. She tells us about how stifling her fears of losing her voice completely were, “Having left and having lost my voice on stage, it took me a good year to psychologically get over that fear that omg I’m going to lose my voice on stage again”

Australian Idol was on television screens between 2003 and 2009 and was one of the highest rating TV shows of the decade. From season 1 – when the Grand Final show reached an astronomical 2.53 million viewers across Australia and crowned Guy Sebastian as the first Australian Idol – it has become an iconic and beloved part of Australian television culture. As Natalie Gauci says “My life has always revolved around Australian Idol – even 14 years later! There is no escaping it!”.

Idol gave Australia artists such as Guy Sebastian, Anthony Callea, Shannon Noll, Jessica Mauboy, Rob Mills, Ricki Lee, Courtney Act, Bobby Flynn, Matt Corby and so many more! It also made the judges household names and Mark Holden in particular became famous for his ‘TOUCHDOWN’ moments. It went on to enter the Australian vernacular and is still a pop culture expression recognised across generations.

“Making this podcast with Dad has been a bit of fun escapism during these crazy times, especially while living in LA and being away from home. Nothing sounds better right now than reliving the early 2000’s! I was eight years old when Australian Idol began and it was such a monumental part of my childhood that inspired me to work in the television industry” - Katie Holden


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Ep 1 9th October Anthony Callea

Ep2 16th October Axle Whitehead

Ep3 23rd October Natalie Gauci

Ep 4 30th October Tarisai Vushe

Ep 5 6th November Cosima De Vito

Ep 6 13th November Damien Leith

Ep 7 20th November Ben McKenzie

Ep 8 27th November Courtney Murphy

Ep 9 4th December Carl Riseley

Ep 10 11th December Bobby Flynn

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